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Based on our specializations, we regularly advise and assist clients on a wide range of applications procedure.

Trademark Registration

The registration of a trademark with the Intellectual Property Online gives the owner a protection from the date of application.

Trademark Renewal

Renewal of trademark gives you power of taking legal action if anyone uses your mark without consent.

Patent Filing

Registering a patent is crucial to exploit the patented invention, assign or transmit the plant, and to conclude license contracts.

Patent Renewal

Renew your patent to give you exclusive right to create, use, import or put your invention in the market.

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We want to offer our clients the experience of enjoying intellectual property services at the time of their convenience and even the comfort of their offices or homes. With a laptop and an internet connection, you are able to do it too.

To resolve your trademark and patent affairs, you can now do so within a few clicks and at very attractive prices.

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Lowest price

Pay at a lowest and most reasonable price.

Super convenient

Only require internet access, regardless of time and location.

Fast process

Effective services and easy to apply through intellectual property online platform.

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Tutorial: How to Renew Trademark with iPon9 

Tutorial: How to Renew Patent with iPon9 

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