Legal Definition

For all the intents and purposes of the Terms & Conditions, the following definitions will apply:

“User” is the “Titleholder” or his/her/its representative, identified as such by registration through the “Website”. He/she/it is responsible for delivering all the information in each of the “Website” Service Application Forms. It is understood when the “User” is a representative that he/she/it is expressly authorized by the “Titleholder” to deliver this information to the “Company”. All communications will be exclusively held between the “Company” and the “User”.

“Agreement” is the AGREEMENT ON THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE and the Privacy Policy.

“Company” is iPon9 Sdn.Bhd, an Intellectual Property Company that assist in IP registration, and other related services.

“Contracting Parties” are the “User” and the “Company”. The “Company” is responsible for all services requested by the “User”.

“Charge” is the amount of money in the specified currency for each case, that the “User” must pay to the “Company” in order to receive the contracted service.

“Power of Attorney” is a written authorization issued according to the corresponding legal requirements of each “Territory” that the “User” delivers to the “Company” in order for them to perform all the necessary actions required to apply for a Trademark.

“Service Request” is the form that the “User” must fill out through the “Website” with the data therein required by the “Company” to render a specified service.

“Specific Contract” is the agreement whereby the “Company” pledges to perform the services requested by the “User” through the “Website” for a specific “Service Request”. The “User” in turn commits to deliver all the information therein required together with the payment of the “Charge” for the requested service.

“Trademarks Office” is the Governmental Authority of the country where the “Attorney” requests and files the trademark registration.

“Website” is the internet site, in which services related to the Registration of Trademarks.

“Territory”, refers to a country jurisdiction or other territorial organizations in which the “Attorney” will render the services requested by the “User”.