Protecting Your Rights

Every product or service needs a name that serves to identify and differentiate it from the rest in the market. More often than not, a company invests considerable capital into this name – creating awareness, building recognition and cultivating a favourable image – turning it into a valuable brand, a revenue magnet that determines the performance of the company.


The brand, otherwise known as a Trade Mark, will then tend to attract unsolicited attention when other companies begin to copy, imitate or use it without permission to exploit its revenue stream. It is therefore very important for a Trade Mark to be protected – and the best way to attain protection for the Trade Mark is by getting it registered through best trade mark agent in Malaysia.

At Intellectual Property Online (IPon9), we have successfully helped many companies – large and small, private and listed – to attain, maintain and manage their Trade Mark protection locally as well as internationally. Our team of experienced Trade Mark specialists is capable of guiding our clients from the early stages right till the end.


Trade Marks, with their indefinite shelf-life and immense revenue generating power, are often considered the most valuable form of Intellectual Property a company can have. We take pride in the fact that we have in many instances played an important role in helping our clients exploit this power to their advantage.