Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Mobile Web

Put simply, these are programmes combines a website and an app, for instance, using Web Spotify, Instagram Stories, and YouTube Background Streaming in a browser without users having to download the app. Using PWA cuts the cost of having to develop an app.

  • Increased Engagement

  • Higher Ad Clickthroughs

  • User-generated Ad Dollars


These are all important metrics we want to hear, and progressive web apps are the answers you need. PWAs bring native app-like experiences and functionality to the mobile web, and they can be an extremely efficient way to deliver your digital experiences.




What is PWA?

“A safe and app-like web experience.”

Typical features of PWA:

  • Near-instant loading
  • Integrated and app-like
  • Shortcut on the home screen as an icon
  • Offline access
  • Push notifications

In Conclusion

PWAs are powerful, effective, fast and app-like.

It is unlikely for the mobile web to not be significantly improved via PWA implementation. In short, now is the time to integrate these technologies into your ecosystem of customer touchpoints.